Tortolog (catalog of fillings and decorations)
Brownie covered with a krustilant on white
chocolate; classic oil cream with jianduya paste, dark chocolate cream, and crispy meringue with nuts.
Light chocolate biscuits impregnated with cherry compote with spices, cream-cheese cream with grated chocolate and cherries.
Vanilla biscuit, vanilla cream cheese cream, custard vanilla cream-eclair.
Lemon biscuits, custard berry cream, vanilla cream cheeses.
Pistachio sponge cake, pistachio cream and fresh raspberry.
Vanilla biscuits
with a note of orange, cream cheese cream cheese
with natural vanilla and sweet and sour
strawberry-lime Kurd with rosemary
and fresh berries.
Carrot cakes, with apples,
nuts and spices, with whipped cream cheese cream.
Complementary caramel layer or pieces of pineapple in syrup (to choose from).
Cake biscuit - pistachio and chocolate
impregnated with vanilla syrup, a delicate layer
from strawberry cream, strawberry cheese creamy cream.
Very chocolate biscuit with coffee and impregnation from Baileys liquor
Chocolate biscuits, chocolate cream based on dark chocolate
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